Thursday, July 11, 2024

Album Review: Drunk Mums - Beer Baby

Drunk Mums
Beer Baby
**and1/2 out of *****

The Melbourne Australia based Drunk Mums deliver a swig of pub based punk rock on their newest offering Beer Baby

The outfit, Jake Doyle - Guitar/Vox, Dean Whitby - Guitar/Vox, Adam Ritchie - Bass/Vox, Johnny Badlove - Drums, Isaac Forsyth - Tambourine, present their retro rocking sing-a-long songs with a smirk and a sneer as the opener "New Australia" shows off some cool riffs and a touch of the Sex Pistols inspired political angst. 

The band clearly loves those classic punk bands and their biggest influence, The Ramones, are all over Beer Baby. The classic NYC band's sound is embedded in Drunk Mums playing as "Slippin' Up" is a fast blast of crunchy guitars and slamming drums, "Magazines" uses meaty riffs and an outsider point of view, while "Apocalypse" is straight out of the leather jacketed Queens band play book and maybe the best of the bunch as Drunk Mums dig in and let the gang vocals loose in straight ahead punk fashion. 

The band also adjusts to twist the punk sound just a touch. "Mutant" goes a heavier route with bashing drums while "Bet On Black" shifts gears going for a slight post-punk dance vibe in Buzzcocks fashion as the bass bumps around hip swaying riffs. The group also slows it down in with a bit of twang for an ode to partying on Saturday night conveniently titled "Saturday", which is a hoot. Less successful is when the band gets more artsy with digital laser bleeps mixing with their punk on closer "From The Hip" while "Not My Dad" mixes distortion in with their slamming style. 

A quick blast of retro pub punk from Drunk Mums, Beer Baby cheers the past classics and straps on it's leather jacket to weather the shitty present. 
Support the band, buy the album, peep some video below:

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