Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dead from 3 days ago...Feb 20th...

...of 1977.  Wanted to post these studio outtakes from the Terrapin Station Sessions for peeps this week. 
Always dug this cover art.  
Here is the Link to the Archive set from 2-20-1977 ahhh...almost exactly 33 years ago today, and of course you can listen right here:

What should you listen for?  Well enjoy the relaxed feel of the tunes, and the clarity of the playing.  Phils bass sounds in dynamite form, and the experimentations that would be a vital part of the band for years to come are in full bloom on this day.  "Fire on the Mountain" contains some cool stream of consciousness lyrics..."Put it down heavy/Sweep it down clean/lay it down dirty/play it now clean" or something along those lines.

Also the rare treat of Lesh's "Equinox" is cool as hell and could have been a classic, for Bob Weir's take on this track and why it was eventually left off the album click here. I always thought it was called "Mercy of a Fool", but I am glad the Archive and people can clear that up, though to be honest I forgot all about it until today.  Fun tune with hippy lyrics.

Then there is the meat and potatoes of the proceedings...the epic Terrapin Station.  This story is from Robert Hunters Box of Rain regarding the tune and is one of my favorite concerning any GD Song, so I wanted to share it:
    I wrote Terrapin, Part One, at a single sitting in an unfurnished house with a picture window overlooking San Francisco Bay during a flamboyant lightning storm. I typed the first thing that came into my mind at the top of the page, the title Terrapin Station.

    Not knowing what it was to be about, I began my writing with an invocation to the muse and kept typing as the story began to unfold.

    On the same day, driving into the city, Garcia was struck by a singular inspiration. He turned his car around and hurried home to set down some music that popped into his head, demanding immediate attention.

    When we met the next day, I showed him the words and he said "I've got the music." They dovetailed perfectly and Terrapin edged into this dimension.
Thanks for the Lyrics Robert
About ten minutes in this version starts doing some weird things, and it just goes to show how much was behind this tune.  Terrapin seems to be one that fans of the "jam" dislike because of it's consistent live presentation, this version shows just where it could have gone...and it seems like this darkness would have freaked the flower children who were tripping balls PROPER!  It has always been one of my favorites because from the first time you listen to it, it just feels special.  I also thoroughly enjoy this versions creepy vibe.  Enjoy the songs....

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