Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Glide Review - Dinosaur Jr. Live 1/16/10

Caught my current favorite group live in my current favorite venue a few Saturday's ago with some of my favorite people...Got a review up on Glide.  To say I was excited for this show would be an understatement...this was "Just Like Heaven" (even though they didn't play that)

You can read the full review right c'here!!

Here is a video of the show opener "Thumb" which was one of the best songs of the night:

G-d D-mn J can play a wicked g-tar!!!

I had a blast hanging out with Jeff and Charlette at this concert, we were banging around (not standing still like the crowd in front)and simply LOVING the audio onslaught from a position on the balcony just behind where this video was taken....amazing stuff.

As a major treat NYC Taper was nice enough to record the whole show!  You can download it and listen for yourself.  What do you think of the trio in the live environment?  Go get the Show, Now, HERE!   

Needless to say this band is amazing... for those who like guitar rock of any ilk and have somehow slept on them, pick up their back catalog.  All of the albums hold some treats, but You're Living All Over Me, Bug and the two newest Beyond and Farm are the places I would start....Or better yet come to see them with me next time they are in town, you got first beer.

And for twiddles and diddles one more video from the show:

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