Friday, February 12, 2010

New and Old Tunes

So two locations pointed out songs I wanted to share here, the first is over at Glide.  Dr. Dog has been one of my favorites ever since Eric from Glide told me to check them out at the Mercury Lounge in Jan. 2006.  What's not in that review is that show was one of I would say 5 or less in my show going career where I was enamored enough with what I heard to instantly buy Easy Beat on the spot.  The dog's hooked me and when I conducted an interview with them I was overjoyed.  it is still one of my favorite pieces I have written for glide and the reason for that is Scott McMicken.
The kid was affable, knowledgeable and completely into music.  He was a joy to interview and we could have literally talked for hours (if I remember we did talk for at least 1 hour) about his band various music and everything.  I was pumped to see the band grow and expand, so much so that I included their amazing album Fate at number 17 on my best albums of the decade list.  The group is cooking and their new tune points to excellent things for the future release, give it a listen, I think you will like it:

The next tune I want to mention was pointed out to me from the NYPL Blogs.  I confess I only know Steve Miller like most people from Smoker Joker Toker land...and the fact that he did the same show every summer at SPAC when I was in my younger days.  I had no idea he had a bluesy career pre-pop tunes, but thankfully Andy Wagstaff pointed that out to me in his blog entry.  Check out Bluesy Steve Miller:
This Great Albums You May Have Missed is a GREAT idea which I will be gleefully following, Thanks Andy.   

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  1. All of Dr. Dog albums are great.. "Fate" got the most press and airtime, but, "We All Belong", "Takers and Leavers", "Toothbrush", and..of course, you already mentioned being an "Easy Beat" fan...are all very good in their own rite. Thanks for promoting them. They have been underrated and under the radar for years..