Monday, January 31, 2011

Dylan Cover's *New Monday Series*

For those who read this rad blog you may have noticed a lack of Monday posts.  Last year I tried my damndest to post a Grateful Dead show every Monday to talk about and listen too...It made me write here a hell of a lot more and gave me a new respect for a group I honestly hadn't listened to all that often over the last few years.  I ended on a high note with with my personal favorite show, so I figured it may be time to move onto something else.  Before I do though, here are all the 46 shows I covered on Archive, and you can scroll back through RTBE via numerous searches or links to see my takes.  I manged to hit every year except 66, 82, 90 (surprising!), 92, 94, and 95.  Three years tied for the most shows reviewed with four: 69,72,and 73 no real surprise there.  It was great to go through all of those years and various shows and I may dip back into that project in the future, but I wanted to try out something different.  It is with great pleasure that I am going to start a new Monday feature here; Dylan Covers.
If there is one artist I can just never get enough of it is Bob Dylan, and it seems like that is the case for most people who listen to music.  Bob's team of lawyers are pretty good with not letting his music out there, but I don't believe there has been a more covered artist in the last 60 years of popular music and that is a fun thing to sift through.  I will try to stick to known acts, and will post the youtube clips of the studio and live versions we are talking about, but discussing the occasional unknown will be a lot of fun too.

The other new feature is that I hope to have a second voice give opinion on the matter, my good friend Eben (who I have talked about before) is willing to join me on this journey and express his thoughts on the cover tunes.  Eben is one of the biggest Dylan fan's I know and an avid writer who is never shy to shout out exactly how he strap in.
Is that a Spin Doctor with Us?!?.

We will get started next Monday and ease the transition with some familiar faces, and hope to continue exploring new takes on the Bard of the 60's music every Monday in 2011.  Feel free to comment critique and complain...

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  1. Hi there just found your site and see you are doing a similar thing in Dylan Covers...I do same for almost the past year...we have not clashed as yet but are very close. But excellent choices of course...I am trying to find the more rarer tracks, rather than the easily accessible. Anyway good that I have found your excellant site I will check in every now and again.

    Rgds Brian