Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Movie Timeout: Exit Through the Gift Shop

We here at RTBE, usually stick to what we know best, but today we are taking a Movie Timeout.  Vince over at the excellently hysterical Filmdrunk recently directed his readers to an interview with the creator of the most engaging movie (and probably the best) RTBE saw last year (and Filmdrunks movie of the year)...Exit Through the Gift Shop.
Years ago my friend Paul introduced me to Banksy who at the time was posting his art in museums:

I was fascinated by him then and shouldn't have been surprised how much I loved this documentary now.  I don't want to give too much away about the film, but will simply say, see it.  It is completely worth your time if you love graffiti, hate street art, have no idea who Banksy even is...none of that matters.  It is an amazing film that gets you to think about art/marketing/commercialism and the twisted realm everything populates at some point.   Here are 5 minutes of the film...but find the rest yourself:
Anyway, after you watch the whole thing, go read this interview with the films creator at All These Wonderful Things.  I am in the camp that the whole thing is 100% real...I don't think you can write things like that, shit just happens.  However, I have had conversations with those who disagree wholeheartedly thinking it 100% Bullshit, you be the judge.  This is a doozy of a film and worth your time, the more people I can bump into and have conversations about it the better, so hop too it.    

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