Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Free Live Download: Clear Plastic Masks 1/4/12 via nyctaper

Our friends over at nyctaper have unearthed a good one, acidjack recorded the Brooklyn based Clear Plastic Masks when they played their recent Jan 4th show at the Mercury Lounge
You can grab the full show with some perfectly warm live sound right here.  

This is the first RtBE has heard of Clear Plastic Masks but it certainly won't be the last.  When the band plays their original tune "Working Girl" and drop the line "I put things together too" I was hooked.  More seriously the straight ahead blues rock and roll touched a nerve too as the band sounds in top form this night.  Fans who are diggin' on the new Black Keys album should give this a listen, or any fan of rock and roll that spills over a bit loud and messy into the ears.  

Their bandcamp site offers a chance to hear the older tracks from this four piece as we wait for a new release.  They have a few tour dates lined up for those who want to catch them live.  Here are some videos from this particular show, give it a glimpse it you want a preview before downloading, but the sound is much better from nyctaper...as always:

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