Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Funday: End of 2011 Rewind

The end of the year is hectic any way you slice it.  Holiday's, gatherings, travel, weather issues, family issues, health issues, everything always seems to crop up.  So with that RtBE wanted to highlight some of the end year posts we had in case you missed them.  So here is a quick end of 2011 RtBE Rewind:
We had 3 posts covering the Top Ten Best Albums of 2011, the first chatted about the just misses and unfortunately the flops of the year.  The second had 10-6 and the third talked about the top 5.  We weren't completely blown away by any this year, and as we mentioned none of these would have cracked the top 5 from 2010, maybe not even the top 7.   

We had a fun time catching and reviewing RtBE's good friends The Clay Pigeons as they did their 4th Annual Christmas Show, always a festive highlight.  Along those lines we also discussed our favorite live shows of the year, the crowning moment happened for free in a small bar by a big river...see magic can be found anywhere.

Our Norwegian Noise-Rock friends The Megaphonic Thrift reached out and gave us a sneak peak of a track from their upcoming album, and it is a fuzzy doozy.  We also hit up some of our favorite Dylan covers this month, but their are still more out there so look for that Monday feature to get rolling again sometime in 2012.

Thanks to all for reading and commenting.  Stay tuned for 2012, it is sure to be an exciting ride...whatever happens along the way.     

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