Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2013 Jazzfest Acts: Annnounced Tomorrow, Predicted Tonight

Well "predicted" may be a bit strong, no research is really going into this, perhaps wish list would be a more accurate title.  The 2013 New Orleans Jazzfest will announce it's roster of artists tomorrow, which is pretty exciting as it confirms spring is just around the corner.

RtBE polled some of our Sazerwrapping Regulars who join us on our annual trip to the Big Easy to see who they would like to catch perform at the Fairgrounds this year.  Let find out what they say...

Ladies go first and our lovely friends from up in North Jerz who are JF'ers-4-Life have weighed in with some unique ideas for 2013. David Byrne is a heartfelt pick and would probably fit in beautifully down in New Orleans with his eclectic flair. Oak-town punk rockers Rancid also get some love and they surely know how to rock a festival crowd:

Next up is Roscoe Man'dana from around the Philly way with his selections.  Going a slight touch of country pop with the choices of The Avett Brothers, and last years crowd-pleasers the Zac Brown Band who we never made it to see at the fairgrounds.

RBT also chimes in with a surprise pick of main event status, Eric Clapton to fill up a main stage with his 6 string prowess. I am not sure if Slowhand has ever played Nola Jazzfest, may need to look into that one. He does have open tourdates around the fest...hmm Robin may be on to something.
We got a guy out in LA who has been to the fest and while he might not make it this year, he concurs with Roscoe on their overlapping pick of RtBE favorite, Band Of Horses. Their Jazzfest set in 2010 was truly the moment when we fell in love with the band so we would be happy to see them again. 

LA Mike had to throw in some slamming noiserock with his call of Dinosaur Jr. which we love along with his dream choice that our next contributor picked too, The Beastie Boys

Our main man Jeffe also chose the Beasties and continued down that path putting together a dream inspired wish-list with his choices; far from practicality but high on whambamthankyoumam-ness.  Starting off he wants one of our favorites The Secret Machines to get back together and rock the Gentilly Stage. Then we get dirty with the ATLiens as Outkast would slick it up before The Raconteurs rock on out like they did back in 2008 which is still our personal favorite Jazzfest set.  

Some special Voodoo will be needed for the next JDubs wished act The Notorious B.I.G...that would be a site.  Surprisingly his festival closer might actually be possible as he has selected the Purple One, Prince to end the event and I hear he has been practicing with the New Power Generation, that would be awesome.  High hopes all around, I like it!  

We will end with our picks, quite simply we don't care who plays.  We will love it and we will happily enjoy whoever is playing.  That said we would love to see some new school Nawlins hiphop in Lil Wayne, maybe some old school in the way of Parliment Funkadelic.  Perhaps a little jazz in the form of NYC stalwarts Medeski Martin & Wood a touch of metal by High on Fire and southern rock with the Drive-By Truckers.

My top shelf type act guess will be Paul Simon doing Graceland, why not?  Hell if we are throwing a few cream-dream's on the list why not add a Sonic Youth reunion before Bob Dylan closes it out with Jack White on guitar. 
While it is nice that they announce who is playing, JF organizers are usually dicks about giving details.  I doubt we know who plays what days or even what weekends tomorrow, but this just gives us something else to look forward to...and it doesn't matter, our trip is booked and we will be there for the second weekend no matter who is on the bill. In fact the real reason to go is to see all the great New Orleans acts that never make it out of the city, that and because it is the best time in the world...

We can not wait!!!!

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