Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Album Review- Amy Gore & Her Valentines -In Love

Amy Gore and her Valentines
In Love
**and1/2 out of *****

The Detroit rock and rolling of Amy Gore and her Valentines seeps out of the speakers as In Love progresses.  The band and this album came about after a one off show back in 2011 but there isn't a feel of chaos on the recording, things are manicured neat and tidy, sometimes to a detriment.

There is a preoccupation with cars (fitting for a Detroit outfit) as the openers "Drivin' Around" and "Cadillac" get their motor city on.  "Remember Me" has a very personal glam rock ballad feel adding diversity to In Love while "You Won't Lead Me On" cooks, propelled by a mega guitar solo from Jackson Smith.  

"Blackout" Jangles with a Phil Spector vibe and disk highlight, the closing buzzing of "Send Me A Postcard" seals the deal.  This is obviously a very personal album from Amy Gore and one that helps the listener identify with her and her issues. There is a pop sugar coating to her problems with lovers that makes the pill go down smooth.

Produced by Al Sutton the band struts around but the clean sounding nature takes something away from the overall product, this band cries out to be dirty rock and roll and hopefully next time out they will go that rout.  That said the songs here are tight, polished and professional.  
a solid album from Amy Gore and her Valentines. Grab In Love here, catch them live here and peep a few samples below:

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