Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2012 Year In Review

Hey All,

With all the hectic happenings at the end of the year things can be missed. This is just a catch up post to point out a few of our favorite things from 2012 that shouldn't go unnoticed.  On the RtBE front it was the best year for music since we started this blog back in October 2009.  There were so many strong releases, great live shows, amazing musical moments....2013 has a lot to live up too.

In case you missed it here are our Best of 2012 series of posts...

Our picks for best album art of 2012, this is the first year we started this category, but we think it will stick around.

Our picks for best live show of 2012, what an amazing year for live tunes...all of these were jaw dropping nights of tuneage.

Finally our one, two, three, part picks for best albums of 2012.  Again all of these are fantastic and worth your time and attention. 

Thanks as always for reading and exploring...as the patron saint of this blog stated:

What are those of the known, but to ascend and enter the Unknown?   

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