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Year In Review 2012- Favorite Live Show of 2012

The live show is a slippery thing.  There are lots of variables at play most having little to do with the performance itself.  Does the venue have enough bathrooms?  Is it going to rain?  What day of the week is it on?  Did I have a shitty day at work before hand?  Did tickets cost waaay too much? All of this effects one's opinion of a live show before the band even tunes up and with reason, but when the stars align, there is no place RtBE would rather be then in the moment of magic occurring spontaneously from the stage.

Live Music Has No Equal.   

RtBE and Friends actually at a Live Show
While we can't see every show that is out there we try our hardest to see as many as we can (and more then most) here at RtBE.  Sure there are a few left, we have Phish at the Garden, but for now here is a listing of of the best concerts we were fortunate enough to have seen in 2012, and one show at the bottom that took the top prize as this RtBE's 2012 Show of the Year. To continue our Best of 2012 just click that Read More button and get started

Below are some of the best shows we caught this year (and there were a ton) reviews will be linked to in the mini summation. Just like with the albums we caught some amazing live shows this year that were tough to rank, all of these were top notch.  

Honorable Mention:
Like every year, let me just get it out of the way, RtBE can't include NOLA Jazzfest in this ranking or it would win every year.  It is a way of life for us here, the good food, music, friends, parties that come with it keep us alive in every sense.  If you are new to the blog and haven't checked out or Jazzfest coverage, dig into the Sazerwrap from this year for an understanding.

That said NOLA still permeates the Honorable Mentions, This year the Fest lent itself to 2 side shows that need mention here. The 4/30/12 Instuments a'Comin' Show from Tipitina's was just nonstop action and a hoot.  Also last years winner's Ryan Scully & The Rough Seven put on a private show in the backdrop of an art gallery and crawfish boil that needs special recognition again.

OK on to our top shows for this year:
 Band of Horses 
Hammerstein Ballroom NY, NY 12/11/12 Acoustic/Electric Shows
Granted this is technically two shows but it was one night of amazing music that needs to be recognized as special. Getting a chance to check out the Grand Ballroom on the 7th floor of the Manhattan Center was pretty damn cool in itself...finding one of RtBE's favorite bands putting on a career defining show in the room was even better. Acoustic upstairs, Electric downstairs...what a night of music, all any fan could want.  Highlights were Acoustic: "Slow Cruel Hands Of Time" "The General Specific" and a spontaneous "Simple Man" Cover.  Electric: "Infinite Arms" "First Song" "Great Salt Lake" Both: "The Funeral"   
More NOLA! This show kicked off the year and set the bar incredibly high for live performances.  It helped that our favorite musical town came to our hometown, but the playing, showmanship, dancing and all around great time.  I was in fact ill at this show which can really sap out the strength obviously but the emotions and good feelings of a once in a lifetime show cured those ills.
Guests like Mos Def, My Morning Jacket, Del McCoury Band all added a special feeling to the night, which ended up being captured for official release.  While that disk is great it doesn't capture the full feeling on this night. Steve Earle's "My City" was a show stopper, as was the triumphant feeling of the band playing Carnegie Hall.
It is a hard feat to top an amazing NOLA show in NYC but Jack White did just that.  This wasn't his short show (though we were at that too) this was White focusing on his amazing new album and just tearing down the house with a fluid and nuanced backing band.  While Roseland has now become one of our least favorite venues in town, this show could not be denied and was easily the best show we had seen this year until...

RtBE's Favorite Live Show of 2012:          

One of this websites favorite bands, playing one of our favorite albums with a list of guest stars that was unreal....Dinosaur Jr's Saturday night YLAOM 25th Anniversary Show at Terminal 5 gets our nod as the best show we were able to catch in 2012. Energy level through the roof, talent everywhere you looked or listened and a flow that was just perfect, hard to do with that many people getting involved. Still get goose bumps thinking about it. Read the review, watch some clips and wish you were there...and thanks to the amazing nyctaper, you can now download this show and experience or relive the music of this night, THANKS NYCTAPER!  


"Don't"  The barn burning Kim Gordon on Vocals

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