Thursday, December 13, 2012

Live Review: Neil Young & Crazy Horse Bridgeport, CT 12/4/12

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It is of Neil Young & Crazy Horses show up in Bridgeport CT on 12/4/12.

The Webster Bank Arena was a tiny place to see the aging legends and the spacious floor (show wasn't sold out) made it easy to be up close and feel the thunder.  It was a great show.

I have talked about Neil and Horse a bunch lately (more coming before the year is out too) so I will skip them and touch briefly on Patti Smith.    

If you had told me I would enjoy a set by Patti Smith and her band, I would have laughed in your face pre-show, have never been a fan, never figured to be.  I was surprised beyond belief how much I enjoyed her and her bands playing and performance. The feeling was enlightened, the playing was lucid and the songs had power, granted not as much as they did in the late 70's but that doesn't matter much.

Her set was an unexpected bright spot and I still can't figure out if that was Tom Verlaine doing the solo for "Beneath The Southern Cross" but whoever it was, he put a stamp on the set highlight as that song was really impressive.  Check out some video samples below and as always thanks for reading.  
Patti Smith  Live a few nights earlier.

"Beneath The Southern Cross"

Neil Young & Crazy Horse Live 12-4-12:
"Cinnamon Girl"

"Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)"

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