Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Funday: Picture it...I Am Mine

I am not sure where, but the other day I found this picture, saved it and thought I would share it. 
It wasn't on a music site, but it struck me immediately because for those who don't know, this is a lyric from one of RtBE's favorite songs, "I Am Mine".  The picture is of the man who wrote it, Eddie Vedder, on stage (one presumes with Pearl Jam) looking out to his fans.

The song, we feel, is the strongest the group has ever written and are surprised it never reached wider acclaim.  Lyrically it is perfect simplicity and musically it is not so much dark as it is serious leading to a sweet chorus.  Let's give it a listen:

What a jam, juicy in it's phrasing, PJ get's some organ working before a soaring solo to close things out...

It's been too long since we seen PJ and we miss them, so lets get a few of the other lesser known RtBE favorites from PJ rocking on this Friday afternoon.  Click the read more for the full playlist. Have a great weekend all.     

"Comatose" Live 5-20-10 MSG

"Given To Fly" Live Reading 06

"Footsteps" Live 2010 Newark

"Love Boat Captain" Live MSG DVD

"Marker In The Sand" Live

"Undone" Off Lost Dogs we will end with this since it was off the "I Am Mine Single"


  1. Matt saw the Eddie Vedder show in orlando this week. Said it was incredible. No surprise

    1. That boy is a pretty big fan, but the man and his band are rock solid stuff.