Monday, December 17, 2012

Dylan Cover #66 The Byrds- "All I Really Want To Do"

Continuing our Monday's Dylan Cover Series, each December we spice it up a little.  This year we are going to look at a band that gained it's fame by covering Dylan right out of the gate, The Byrds.  The next cover to be examined is "All I Really Want To Do". 

Thoughts on Original:
This song made Dylan leaving the "cause" and "topical songs" behind easier for his hardcore fans to swallow, because really, how can anyone dislike this song?  Simple, playful, loving, sly..."All I Really Want To Do Has it All". Oh and he left nothing behind, in fact he opened up a world of music for the world to experience, be inspired from, and enjoy, long after he is gone.   

Thoughts on Cover Band:
We have already talked a bit about the how about a quick video about how David Crosby left?
Outrageous?  You don't say....
Thoughts on Cover:
An immensely popular cover version of an easily likeable tune, the second single from the band and not surprisingly their second Bob Dylan cover as the group continued flaunting it's Dylan love and riding it up the charts to commercial success.  Once again McGuinn's 12 String Rickenbacker takes center stage as that jangle continues to be crucial to all the bands Dylan covers.  The band picks up the pace as the tambourine is slapped leading into The Byrds strength their perfect harmony for the chorus. 
There is a Beatles/Beach Boys feel to the "Be Like Me" section that is unique, but the whole tone of the tune has changed, and not for the better IMO.  The group took a playful, emotional song and sterilized it.  Out of all the groups covers we are checking out this month this is the one RtBE likes the least.   
Grade C-

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