Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Live Review: Ryan Scully & The Rough Seven 5/3/12 Michalopulous Studio

Ryan Scully & The Rough Seven
Michalopulous Studio
New Orleans, LA

While each year RtBE has megafun on our annual Jazz Fest Trip, it seems things continually get better and better the more we explore the town.  Whether we meet new friends or get caught up in amazing nights, things have a way of growing each year, and 2012 was no exception.  The party held at Michalopulous Studio this year was our trip highlight as a Crawfish Boil under the night air with one of our all-time favorite bands providing the music pushed things over the top. 

Originally going to the wrong address (Thanks Google Maps!) we went to the artists gallery in the French Quarter and got to admire some of his work:
After reconnecting with the band (Thanks Rob!) I managed to find my way to the Studio as the sun settled in for it's slumber.  With darkness came the magnificent light work from the artist as the band was awash in an eerie glow.  The Studio was full with people who were sampling the fantastic food, and spicy Ginger Drinks that had an extra kick to them.   

You could peruse the Artists work and actually had to enter the Studio itself to use the restroom, giving you a glimpse behind the curtain, but the view from the outside was just as grand in the warm spring air:
The band on this night were just part of the overall mood and not a focal point which gave them an extra freedom to relax and spread out.  The majority of people in attendance were just along to mingle, catch up with old friends and partake in the amazing Crawfish Boil:
Playing as a 5-piece this night minus the two female back-up singers allowed Ryan Scully & The Rough Seven to be more free-form...perfect for an art show party. 

The group toyed with an extra long buildup to their powerful "Meltdown" accentuating the piano parts of Ratty Scurvics before ripping out the dueling guitar climax.  Slowing things down even more they waltzed along to the fantastic "St. Anthony" before Michael Anderpoint on drums and CJ Floyd on bass got funky with "Heli-cop-chop".

The Rough Seven played their fantastic blend of styles in a relaxed manner, but it didn't keep the noise rock away as it showed up on "Had A Home" with Scully and Rob Cambre trading 6-string assaults.  The melodic ringing of "Golden Parachute" rocked hard as well as the group urgently put fourth their demands to "Buy Me A City!".

The highlight of the night though was the psychedelic, elongated, intro into one of the groups best songs, "Not Insane".  The 5 piece wove through cosmic terrain under tripped out lights touching on different musical styles before settling into the songs structure while Scully achingly sang about mental health and those with "fear in their bones", haunting. 

After this highlight however the night was cut short as the New Orleans Police Department made a visit to the Studio putting a stop to the music.  Given the state of things it was a bit disappointing, but the band also went out on a high note and gave those gathered to eat drink and be merry a first exhibition in musicology.        

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