Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Funday- CBGB Fest

It started yesterday, but we couldn't get to it until is the first annual CBGB Fest:
CBGB's has been all over the map since it closed it's famous doors...will it be a chain like House of Blues?  Will it flog itself to make money until no one cares?  Will it remain cool for eternity?  This is a pretty good start to staying cool...all though the promotion has been odd for this one and the fest itself seems a bit thrown together.   

We will be attending the hardcore show tonight at Webster Hall (excited to make it 2 summers in a row catching the Cro-Mags) and will be in Times Square tomorrow to catch RtBE favorite The Hold Steady which is sure to be an odd event.  Sunday we have lined up Fishbone at Brooklyn Bowl, so it is a full slate of music and adventure this you have any fun plans?  Feel free to comment on them.  Enjoy your weekend and here are some live tunes from the Cro-Mag's, Hold Steady, and Fishbone to start the soundtrack off proper for you:

Cro-Mag's "We Gotta Know" Live:

Hold Steady Interview and "The Swish"

Fishbone "Everyday Sunshine" Live:


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