Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Funday- Tom Waits and David Letterman

So we missed this earlier in the week, but Tom Waits appeared on David Letterman.  While Late Night TV ain't really for RtBE, Tom Waits certainly is.
He actually topped our list of last years best albums right here.  He played a cut off that album, Bad As Me, titled "Chicago".  You can view it right here:

He also sat down with Dave for a bit and discussed this curious object...

The interwebs are great in that we can find some old stuff between the two as David and Tom seem to have a good relationship, so let's go back in time a bit. 

Waits played in 2006 on the show, as he did "Lie To Me" from the fantastic Orphans:

Here is an interview from 2004 between the same duo:

and Waits performing "Make It Rain" from Real Gone from the same show:

An Interview from 2002:

Here they are in 1988 with promotion for Big Time, he plays "Straight To The Top":

How about a clip of the 2 from 1986 Rain Dog era Waits when he was at his coolest??  Yup, got two of those too...

And finally the best clip of the two men from back in 1983 as Waits performs "Frank Wild Years" and sits down to chat before going to the piano to play a fantastic version of one of his classic tracks, "On The Nickel":

Happy Weekend All!

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