Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Album Review: Davidson Hart Kingsbery - 2 Horses

Davidson Hart Kingsbery
2 Horses
**and1/2 out of *****

After growing up in a strict religious family Davidson Hart Kingsbery has gone through some trials and tribulations but has found himself back in love with country music and the collection of tunes on 2 Horses prove DHK is the real deal.  With an easy going croon that paints pictures of heartbreak and back room honky-tonk's with ease the album is a warm breeze across the prairie.      

The album alternates between slowed down ballads and uptempo danceable boot shakers.  The title track, "Letter To You" and "How Long Will It Be" fall into the first category focusing on Kingsbery's vocals while the lyrics consisting of forlorn love take center stage.  The lyrics aren't earth shattering, and mostly pedestrian ("Eyes of Green" in particular) but the simple presentation works for these songs while Kingsbery's vocal work has great appeal.   

On the other side of things we have the quick, uptempo "Stay Out Of My Dreams", the piano driven "Oh Darlin'", the biographical double dip of "Stuck In Washington" and "Devil In His Heart".   The more high octane tracks showcase a solid backing band that has a deft touch matching the vocals with Dean Johnson on guitar, Eric Himes on bass, Ben Strehle on keys, and Bryan Crawford on drums.  The keyboard work throughout is especially noteworthy, moving to the forefront of songs and lifting the whole work.  The passionate "Devil In His Heart" is a standout track that seems to come from a personal place but will be identified with from people from all over the map. 

The groups first album has a rootsy appeal that shows potential appeasing fans of the genre while still being accessible to those who would never go near country...or western. 
A fairly solid roots/country album and while admittedly this isn't our normal focus 2 Horses has some solid songs.  If country is your thing give it a listen, you can grab the album here and preview some tracks below:

Davidson Hart Kingsbery - "2 Horses" from Fin Records on Vimeo.

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