Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Album Review: Anders Osborne- Black Eye Galaxy

Anders Osborne
Black Eye Galaxy
*** out of *****
The Grammy award winning songwriter returns to forefront with his most recent release Black Eye Galaxy.  Where Osborne's last album American Patchwork, seemed to be stitched together from all over the musical landscape this newest release sticks close to his beloved loud electric blues.  The songs burn slowly through the speakers accentuated by smoking guitar solo's and consistent thudding low-end. 

First two tracks ache to be played live, "Send Me a Friend" and "Mind Of A Junkie" both seem like they could go on indefinitely as one addresses loneliness and the other the clich├ęs of drug use straight forwardly which Osborne is more than familiar with. 

There is a more delicate touch displayed on "Lean On Me/Believe In You" and "Black Eye Galaxy" with a mellow mood floating through both, but the New Orleans songster can't resist ripping into each with a solo for good measure. The first is pretty standard but on the title track Osborne goes a for a spacey Grateful Dead feel, spreading his cosmic wings and flying for over 10 minutes.  It stands out from the rest of the disk, but succeeds on it's own terms with a daring sense of adventure.    

The are added flourishes like backing vocals that float in and out throughout the album, the harmonica usage during the folksie "Tracking My Roots" or the distorted fuzzes in "Black Tar" where Anders once again faces his addiction demons head on.  

There is nothing earth shattering but with it's solid songs and dynamic guitar work fans of heavy blues rock would benefit from a listen.  If nothing else, Black Eye Galaxy gives Osborne a host of new tunes to rip into via the live setting, a galaxy in which he shines. 
Support this fantastic artist by buying the album here and make sure you keep up to date with his tour and catch him live when you can.  Below are a few videos from Osborne:

"Black Tar"

"Send Me A Friend" Live 6/20/12

Covering "Ohio" from the same show 6/20/12 with Special Guest John Gros on Key's

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  1. You have to see the band live, it is an earth shattering event. The GREATEST band in the world!