Wednesday, July 18, 2012

RtBE Interview: The Wait Part 2

Here is RtBE's second part of our interview with The Wait's front-man Brendan Pendergast.
 You can read part 1 right here, also a reminder you can catch The Wait at their reunion show on Saturday July 21st at The Putnam Den in Saratoga.  

 RtBE: As far as your releases go, your sound especially on Dear Soul feels like indie-rock but seems to hinting at something larger lurking behind the curtain, what where you guys going for at the time?
Brendan Pendergast: I think there was an indie quality to what we were doing, probably because we lacked the polish of more professional or experienced bands.  And, we didn't have the budget of a major label act.  But, as I mentioned before, we really thought we had the makings of a good band and tried to use our connections to exploit our talents, grow an audience, and possibly secure a major label record deal.

There were never any delusions of grandeur, and writing and performing good songs was the top priority.  But, I think we all felt let down by a lot of the "popular" music we were hearing on the radio at the time.  Between the angry whiteboy rap-rock and the fluffy pop shit, we sensed a real lack of integrity in what was reaching the masses.  I think - and maybe this is just my impression - we were trying to make music that was both honest and accessible.  Seemed like a tough sell on commercial rock radio during those days.
RtBE: Along those lines looking back to 1999 Wilco was putting out Summerteeth and I see a lot of similarities to what they were doing and you guys, were they an influence? Any others you want to mention?

BP:  It's tough to pin down influences when we're asked.  I think we like sounds, certain instruments, writing and recording styles, and integrity more than a list of bands.  That sounds a little snooty, and maybe it is.  But, I think we each got off on bands and songs for different reasons.  I always loved lyrics (which you would never have guessed based on some of the utter crap I was writing back then).  Art always seemed like somebody who enjoyed the feel or vibe of a band or songs more than the technical side of things.  Scott had a way of recognizing and appreciating the style of rock music and bands, both in their appearance and their songs, more than any of us could.  There were some important bands for us though.  We loved the classics - The Who, The Beatles, The Clash, etc.  They were all great teachers.  But, we also loved stuff like Radiohead, Oasis, and REM, too.  Each of us had our favorites, which I think we borrowed from in order to create something unique.
RtBE: How have things been over the last few years with The Wait on hold?

BP: Things have been great for The Wait, both as friends and musicians.  The thing I'm most happy about when it comes to this band is that we've all remained friends, and in some ways have become closer.  It's a matter of growing up and putting things in perspective.  Ryan, Art, and Mark all live in or around Raleigh, NC.  They recorded an album together a few years back, and still perform occasionally as a band called Strange Faces.
Mark, in particular, has become a real all-star.  He plays in several bands, including a kick-ass metal band called Grohg.  Head rattling stuff.  Keith lives in Chicago, played in a band called V Sparks, and has joined Strange Faces on occasion for some performances.  I played in a really fun band called The Charlie Watts Riots for a few years before relocating to northern Virginia.  And Scott is knee-deep in being a great father, husband, graphic artist, interweb genius, and damn nice guy.

We're all doing well, and so look forward to getting together again on the 21st of July.

Thanks to Brendan for taking the time for this interview, and everyone should check out the show on this Saturday Night. 

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