Monday, July 16, 2012

Dylan Cover #51 Rick Nelson "She Belongs To Me"

In this ongoing Monday Series we will be exploring various artists versions of Bob Dylan song's. Today's tune is a cover by Rick Nelson playing "She Belongs To Me"

Thoughts on Original:
The first song in this series was a different cover of this track, here is what I wrote about it then and still feel the same way:
This is a gem of a song, a twisted tale that entwines beauty and deceit, darkness and sparkling Egyptian Red Rings.  One of his best in it's mystery, elusiveness and bitter biting undertones; really pure Dylan and one of his all time classics.  Loved it when I first heard it, still love it today, the fact that it hasn't been played over the last 3 years is a shame.

Thoughts on Cover Artist:
I am not really all that familiar with Ricky Nelson outside of the "Garden Party" song and story that goes together with it.  His early "rock" hits are fun like "Hello Mary Lou" and "Travelin' Man" but he never really stuck in my brain much, maybe this will get me to re-listen to him a bit.  His cover of "Bye Bye Love" is an all time classic though, can't argue with that one... 
Thoughts on Cover:
This west coast country-tinged take on the Dylan track is a really nice fit.  The steel guitar in particular sounds right at home on this track.  Some of the cutting mystery has been replaced with an easy going charm, but it doesn't damage the track at all.  The backing vocals actually improve things as they come on perfectly and sooth, a nice little way to start off the week.      

Grade: B

Wilson's Take:

Janasie's Take:


  1. Hello. Big Ricky Nelson fan. Take a look at all of the people he influenced from Elvis on down. Also his original band had the incredible guitar player and hall of famer James Burton. Nelson would have been even bigger, but his father(Ozzie and Harriet) would not allow him to appear on the Ed Sullivan show because it was on another network. He was the original teen idol and unfortunately these stories usually end up in the same depressing pile. Got hugely famous, times changed and popularity was fading etc. What's worse is I thought he had legit skills and he is known for the TV show more than his huge impact on music in the 50's. Garden party is a great song and traveling man could be a theme on how most of us spent our youth lol. Lonesome town was also a favorite. Another musician taken away too soon imo.