Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oh Happy 4th of July, New Dinosaur Jr. Song!

Happy July 4th, hope you spend it rockingly patriotic like this guy:
Great interview with Wayne Kramer here by the way...

Some exciting news, those creakers over at Rolling Stone got lucky and are previewing a new Dinosaur Jr. track called "Watch The Corners" from their upcoming release, I Bet On The Sky
While not as instantly catchy as their last single "Over It", things are classic Dinosaur all over.  The chug-a-lug intro going into mid tempo verses and ending with a soaring to the heavens solo run from J makes things even warmer and fuzzier on this fourth of enjoy the tunes and the holiday, here's some classic Dino to keep things flowing:
"Freakscene" Live 1991:

"Just Like Heaven" Live 2008:

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