Thursday, July 5, 2012

Album Review: Deep Time -Deep Time

Deep Time
Deep Time
**and1/2 out of *****

The band formally known as Yellow Fever comes out with a new name and new (newly?) self titled album, Deep Time.  This Austin Texas duo consisting of  Jennifer Moore and Adam Jones take pop music and try to squeeze something new out of it in the same vein David Byrne did a few decades ago with the Talking Heads.  While not as expansive or engaging as the Heads, Deep Time do make you listen; were other pop bands would go for the simple they tend to verge on the odd side of things.

Stripped down beats and upfront vocals dominate as chimes, guitar strums and organ get sprinkled throughout like on the disk opening "Bermuda Triangle" which rambles along on wobbly horseback.  "Coleman" has an electro whirring edge that straddles that delicate line between hypnotic and annoying while "Homebody" has a desperate vocal over marching drums. 

The disk isn't long but sometimes the ideas seem repeated as "Gilligan" feels like a rehash of their sound only halfway through Deep Time.  "Gold" gets things upbeat and inject a 80's new wave vibe back into the mix and the album closing "Horse" gets freaky with chicken scratching strings and mid song tempo uptick, ending the proceedings on a high note.             

The bands first single, "Clouds" is quick run through of their style; minimalist in approach but complex in delivery.  Deep Time (or whatever they will be called next album) are mining interesting territory and are worth keeping an eye on if you favor off kilter pop leanings.   
You can find more info on Deep Time here on their facebook page, below are a video and a link to stream the full album from the band, enjoy:

Full album preview:

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