Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Album Review: Letting Up Despite Great Faults-Untogether

Letting Up Despite Great Faults
** and ½ out of *****

Electro-Dream-Pop is what the Austin, TX based Letting Up Despite Great Faults is flaunting on their second full length release Untogether. Being written and conceived at a tough time in frontman Mike Lee’s life the album deals with breaking up, moving on and finding yourself anew.

The opening track “Visions” has an edge and human passion that can often elude this type of music. “Scratch” and “The Best Part” pump up the keyboards, moving things over to dance floor before the band gets full-on electronica for “Numbered Days”.  The 90% instrumental (there are some “ooh’s and aah’s”) “Details of My Day” cranks up the bass output working nicely and “Breaking” feels like a Silversun Pickups ballad outtake.      

Tracks like “Postcard” and “Take My Jacket, Pauline” continue the dreamy-floating formula with breathy vocals, wispy guitars, electro keys and synth like drums. Retro fans of this soundscape will feel united by Untogether, but fans looking for something new may be left disappointed.       
Not much more to say.  Buy the album here, catch them live here, and peep some samples below:

"Bulletproof Girl"

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