Monday, February 25, 2013

Dylan Cover #76 Richie Havens "Tombstone Blues"

In this ongoing Monday Series we will be exploring various artists versions of Bob Dylan song's. Today's tune is an acoustic cover by Richie Havens playing "Tombstone Blues"

Thoughts on Original:
An energetic psychedelic whirlwind of a blues number, I have loved "Tombstone Blues" from the first time I ever heard it. A song that really goes out of its way to be the blues, but has Dylan at his hyped up peak lyrically, causing some chuckle worthy lines with darkness around the corners.  Perfect Dylan, and also a perfect song for covering as there are lots of avenues to take with this one...  

Thoughts on Cover Artist:
Forever attached to the 60's (thanks to Woodstock) Richie Havens is a hell of a performer who has covered the best of them, it is actually surprising we are on cover #76 and this is the first time we are dealing with Richie.  A solid voice of the 60's and an energetic guitar player singer who clearly loves Dylan this is just one of the many tributes he has recorded...
Thoughts on Cover:
Richie tackles this expertly, moving from electric whirling to acoustic uptempo strumming.  That change doesn't diminish the energy or the passion.  Havens and company keep adding (backing vocals, hand drums) as they go along and the farce grows and swirls wonderfully.  A very well done cover from an obvious fan of the Bard.   
Grade: B+

(PS Happy Birthday Ma Dukes!)

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