Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Copeland and Claypool Jamming Once Again

Big shout out to Scott the head of Hidden Track for pointing out this jam session from last week.  Turns out old Oysterhead band mates Les Claypool and Stewart Copeland got together with Claypool's main buddies in Primus to kick out some sound down at Copeland's Sacred Grove studio...peep it:

Gluten Free indeed!

Just two weeks ago I started listening to Oysterhead for the first time in about 10 years.  While I was totally into my favorite bassist and guitarist getting down, catching a bunch of their '01 tour I hadn't gone back to it, ever.  The easy surprise of the whole thang was how dope Copeland fit into that weird duo of Trey and Les, he was perfect for them and elevated the trio to something special.

My one beef I guess with Claypool these days is what he calls Primus and what he doesn't, but I already talked about that....let's just enjoy that killer new jam. For the old timers (or new) here is Oysterhead from Conan...

I need to dip in and write more thoroughly about those guys one of these days... 

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