Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Album Review: Ivan & Alyosha -All The Times We Had

 Ivan & Alyosha
All The Times We Had
***and 1/2 out of *****

The debut full length release from the Seattle based indie rock band Ivan & Alyosha is so full of well crafted, lush pop-rock that it makes it hard to believe this is the first go around for this quartet.   

Calling to mind the less adventurous side of Delta Spirit, I&A weave their way through pop tales directly descendant of The Beatles, dealing with all the familiar staples; life, love, death. The band could easily just drop into the "been there, done that category" but a confident tone engages for the full album.      

The track "God or Man" seems to be a good example of this, things are fairly run of the mill before a dynamic swelling finale that adds a twist on what seemed routine.  Opener "Be Your Man" and closer "Who Are You" amp the energy up a bit but things on All The Times We Had aren't so much about rocking out as they are about crafting tunes.  

Harmonies and layers of acoustic/electric guitars blend easily even dipping their toes into the folksie water on tracks like the gorgeously self assured "Running For Cover" and flowing "Don't Want To Die Anymore".  Aimee Mann shows up to duet on the title track, backed by a easy violin and lazy drum beat.

All The Times We Had should elevate Ivan & Alyosha in the indie scene and may even raise them higher as the songs here have that special something that simply makes you want to re-listen to them.   
This is good stuff, professional beyond their years is the feeling present on the first release from Ivan & Alyosha.  Support the band here, grab the album here, peep some samples below:
"Running For Cover"

"Easy To Love" live in Studio

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