Monday, March 18, 2013

Dylan Cover #79 Mary Lee's Corvette "Shelter From The Storm"

In this ongoing Monday Series we will be exploring various artists versions of Bob Dylan song's. This month we have a special focus on Mary Lee's Corvette LIVE full album cover of Blood On The Tracks, today's tune is "Shelter From The Storm".
Thoughts on Original:
Shockingly we have never touched upon this cover in our 79 Dylan Covers so far! An epic track, feeling simple and etched in history at the same time. Religious overtones, passionate asides all mix within the confines of the illustrious/mysterious "She" who is bringing us all in. A gorgeous song and one of my favorite odd phrases Dylan has ever recorded, "Hunted like a crocodile/Ravaged in the corn".  I have no idea what it is supposed to mean and I don't care, it is perfect.  One thing that may bring this one down a peg overall is the connection to another great song "Up To Me" which is basically the same tune...hearing one always makes me want to hear the other.      
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Thoughts on Cover Artist:
Since I started doing this cover I have tried to check out a few more of Mary Lee Corvette's tunes then just this Dylan cover.  I like some of the stuff I have heard, her voice is really impressive. She doesn't have a large web presence, but I am glad that Danny turned me on to her. 
Thoughts on Cover:
Mary Lee Corvette gets almost to he end of the disk with the straight ahead working of the ballad. The strumming is confident, with the beginning stretched out further then the original as the group gains its confidence and Mary Lee Kortes vocals soothe the ear.  Skipping one verse isn't a big deal at all as she rattles them off with beauty and ease sinking into the stanza's and warming them up.  This song sounds fantastic with a good female vocalist at the controls.
Grade B+ 

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