Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Alan Uglow Exhibit in NYC Until March 23rd

A couple of weeks back we had the chance to attend the opening of the Alan Uglow Exhibit being held in the David Zwirner Gallery on 19th Street in NYC. 
In one of our most personal posts we have put on RTBE we talked about Alan's passing back in February 2011. He was a friend and someone we had the privilege to know, sure he was a world class artist, but he was also "Billy Idol" in the NY Blues realm and a real card of a character. 
It was great seeing a whole bunch of the NY Blues at the opening (and I am sure more came after I had to leave).  The main reason I got involved in the club was simply put, the people in the bar rooting for the team, not the players on the pitch. I have grown to love the squad and watch them non stop, but for someone entering this world fresh the vibe I felt from the supporters was my number one reason to support CFC.
This might sound sacrilegious to longtime fans but it is the truth, from my first match at the old Nevada Smith's I felt welcomed by the club (and Alan specifically) and I still do to this day. It is one of the things I try to help out new members with; NYC can be intimidating and one more place that you can call home helps.  Our wide range of fans also makes for some incredibly interesting conversations.  Just 2 weeks ago, after our Europa League match we had a heated conversation about manufacturing, workers rights, and globalization.  Alan would have been all over that.
We as a club have moved with Jack to The Football Factory, but the feeling is the same and Alan would have enjoyed the new space and people had he lived a bit longer.  He would have also loved winning the Champions League last year, but I am guessing he would have found one or two things to scream at the television about. We sang in his honor on that day and it was a joy to do so.
I have posted some pictures I took (poorly) of his work, but you should definitely make it out to Chelsea to see his exhibition as it runs until March 23rd. See the exhibit, then grab a few beers and argue about something you are passionate about in Alan's honor. I think he would have liked it that way.       

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