Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Earthless Track "Uluru Rock"

We don't often hit up Pitchfork, but in looking for info on a band we dig we found them streaming a track from Earthless's upcoming album From The Ages. You can click here to listen to "Uluru Rock" on their site.

We first found out about Earthless when we were actually researching a different band through Scion A/V. Earthless was the "B" Side to that release, but you can't fool RtBE they were clearly the act to follow. A guitar onslaught but with more passion then say an Yngie Malmsteen or players like that. The trio is the showcase of Isiah Mitchell who works the fret boards with power and prowess. The group goes long, regularly extending their instrumental jams over the 20 minute mark. Going in and out of the rhythm, altering tempos Earthless are never afraid to return to a riff, sometimes to the point of overkill and then elation.

Both Endless Boogie and Earthless in the same week?  We must be craving some long drawn-out repetitive jams.
With their first new album in 6 years coming this October we are really looking forward to the shredfest that will commence when From The Ages hits our ears later this fall. Until then here is an older track called "Sonic Prayer" that we dig on for you to enjoy, strap in for 20 minutes of tripped out guitar adventure:

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