Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Album Review: Earthless/White Hills Label Showcase Roadburn EP

Earthless/White Hills
Label Showcase Roadburn EP
*** out of *****

The great folks over at Scion A/V have put out this live Label Showcase of two bands that we here at RTBE will be keeping a close eye on Earthless and White Hills who both rock out on the Roadburn label. Only consisting of 1 song from each band this EP still packs a punch especially when considering it was recorded live at the Roxy in LA.

Earthless is up first with "Red" and this trio from San Diego, California are instrumental wizards, crafting sonic fireworks that at times can reminding of Black Sabbath on blow before getting super technical in a Satriani like way.  "Red" is a beast going over 11 minutes of magical interplay from the trio, exhilarating.      

White Hills contribution is more textured with layers of sound slowly building up over 7 plus minutes. The Brooklyn based psych/stoner rock band takes their fuzzed out time growing into the track titled "Under Skin or by Name".  The vocals come in about half way into the track before the wah-wah guitars and just after the pumping drums.  

This is some tripped out, heavy rocking and rolling here captured gloriously in the live setting.  Must have been a hell of a show last November in LA, I am glad Scion A/V captured it for us.

A pretty cool find as I had never heard of either of these bands before and love both of their tracks here. You can grab or stream the album here and download the album below:


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