Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Album Review: Deadstring Brothers -Cannery Row

Deadstring Brothers
Cannery Row
*** out of *****

The newly arrived in Nashville (by way of Detroit) group offers up their most country tinged album to date with Cannery Row.  Harmonica's blow and steel guitars pluck their way through tunes that sound like old field worked standards and saloon nightcaps.

Tracks like "It's Morning Irene" and "Oh Me Oh My"could have been around since big trees were saplings but the group works them effortlessly.  Kurt Marschke is the main Deadstring but female vocalist Marsha Marjieh supplies such fantastic backing that she almost steals the show.

The bar room piano on "Long Lonely Ride" makes the trip more of a joy then a slog, while specifically referencing  Marschke's oft comparison to The Rolling Stones. Sure he and the Brothers have a Mick and crew vibe, but so do a lot of lesser groups, it is nice to hear a talented bunch of players doing that mid 70's dirty country rock vibe.    

"Like A California Wildfire" is a slow track that burns softly. The title track has some organ and keys mixed in with the weeping lyrics and guitars while the swinging "Lucille's Honky Tonk" gets the brown party liquor flowing fiercely. "The Mansion" is a bit of a drag all over but there aren't many clunkers on Cannery Row

The band has a straight ahead approach that is far from unique but the satisfaction one gets from the songs prove that different isn't always better. 

Everything you read about the Deadstring Brothers brings up The Rolling Stones, so much so they address it on Cannery Row, to me that is some pretty high complimenting right there.  This disk doesn't scream Stones, but you can def get that dusty early 70's country rock feel from the tracks and Mick/Keef/Charlie and crew did that really well. Comparisons aside this is a good album.

Support the band here, the album is currently streaming over on American Songwriter here for a limited time, grab the disk here and peep some samples below:

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