Friday, April 12, 2013

Some Weekend Reading: Hidden Track Interviews

The guys over at Glide Magazine's blog Hidden Track need to get some love for the fantastic Interviews they have put up lately.

Today they posted a really well done one with Jason Crosby, who we first came across when he played in the Family Band behind Robert Randolph.

Crazy, just realized that I actually played on the same stage (a year or two removed) as these guys...pretty cool

The interview focuses on Crosby's new found friendship with Phil Lesh and Bob Weir. Apparently you will be seeing Crosby in the mix for all things Grateful Dead related in the near future, this is awesome for him and any fan of the band. The video HT posted needs to be shared some more, this rendition of "Cassidy" with Crosby on Violin is pretty magical, give it a listen:
Awww I love me some acoustic "Cassidy"!

The blog also recently talked to Frightened Rabbit drummer Grant Hutchinson in regards to the bands new found songwriting style and the Scottish outfit's kick ass recent album. A fun quick read for your weekend.  Here is an awesome tune from Pedestrian Verse done acoustically and live for you to listen to while reading:

Keep up the great interviews Hidden Track and have a great weekend all.

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