Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Album Review: Bleached -Ride Your Heart

Ride Your Heart
*** out of *****
Just in time for the hazy days ahead comes Bleached Ride Your Heart, a pop-punk/garage/indie rock release that should help ease your brain while you're stuck in traffic jams on the way to the beach or driving down back roads with the windows down (ala the cover art).

The group is the pairing of sisters Jennifer (Formerly of Cold Cave)and Jessica Clavin who do all the writing.  The group has been a pet project of theirs for a few years but Ride Your Heart is the first full length release the band has offered up.

The disks first single "Next Stop"shows pumped up  polish as does the highway rocking disk opener "Looking For A Fight". Keys come in adding texture for "Outta My Head" and "Dead In Your Head" has a pulsing Tom Petty "Don't Come Around Here No More" vibe while lyrically pining over lost boys.  The fifties girl group vocal style works well with the lo-fi production on "Dreaming Without You".  The nameless boys that the sisters Clavin consistently sing about also goes well with that lost era's simpler seeming times.

The straight ahead Ramones punky rocker "Waiting By The Telephone" would make Johnny and Joey proud. Garage rockers like "Love Spells", "Searching Through The Past" and "Ride Your Heart" are simple but infectious. "Guy Like You" seems to be one of the better combos of all the styles the ladies dig on, including a nice textured, echoing guitar break before a Bo Diddley beat outro.        

There are equal pop-hooky riffs, upbeat sunshiny punk numbers, sing along choruses and stylized lo-fi offerings here.  Nothing earth shattering but a really solid first release from the sisters and the first hip summer album of 2013.

Pretty cool disk, the band plays NYC tonight at the Bowery Ballroom if you would like to catch them.

Support the band here, buy the album here and peep a sample or two below:
"Next Stop"

"Outta My Mind"

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