Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Album Review: The Copper Gamins -Los Ninos De Cobre

The Copper Gamins
Los Ninos De Cobre
*and1/2 out of *****

Basic electric blues duo's have been all the rave since the turn of the century, now put a Mexican/Texas spin on the concept and you have The Copper GaminsLos Ninos De Cobre is the groups first full length release, running long indeed at 17 songs of repetitive mangled fuzz guitar and uninspired slapping skins. 

These back to basic duos have been popular for a variety of reasons, but it usually takes something special to make them great, The Copper Gamins are still looking for that something special.  Their take here on the genre is nothing to write home about, "Golden Card","Little Boy", "Hold My Name", "You Keep Around" take your pick of the tunes presented here; they are far from energizing or invigorating.

The lack of any real fire is perhaps the most surprising thing about the disk.  Things meander and wallow when you want them to kick up some dust. A song like "Bid The Copper" is so slow you could think the players fell asleep mid number.  

Perhaps the Mexican sun dried out these tunes for too long but things drag all throughout Los Ninos De Cobre. Not always does the term "basic" mean dull, but it sure does when discussing this duo's release.      
I love the blues, but this disk just came off as boring.  It happens, I wouldn't mind seeing what they are up too next, or watch them open for someone but this one is a bit of snoozer. Feel free to judge for yourself though.

Support the artist here.  Buy the album here and peeps some samples below:
"You Keep Around" Live in Studio:

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