Thursday, August 1, 2013

Remembering Jerry Garcia

On this day way back in 1942 Jerome Garcia was born and as we do every year we wanted to take a second to remember Jerry in the best possible way, by his music.
We recently attended a gorgeous wedding up in Rhode Island and our car trip up there allowed us to break into our tape collection for the trip as the old (but still top shape) ride only played cassettes.
Digging in we grabbed a variety of Grateful Dead and Phish tapes for the that are all that are in those massive boxes (Thanks Mark). We went with a few we knew (5-17-77 Set I and 10-31-94 Set III) as well as a few we hadn't listened too. One of those was 10-14-94 from the Grateful Dead who played on that night at MSG. How we missed this show we do not know...granted 94 has never been a much talked about year (In fact we didn't do one show from that year when we were doing our Monday Dead Series) but this show needs attention for one simple reason; the "Scarlet Begonia's >Fire On The Mountain" massive combo that opens the second set. Give it a listen right here:

This is a huge and really creative half hour of music from the band that seems just as jumping here as it did in the late 70's. Creative, fresh and energetic, phrases that are not easily applied to later day Dead, this combo proves Garcia still had it even less then 10 months from his death. If you are interested I posted the full show below, thanks to VoodooNola for the great vid. RIP Jerry, your memory still lives on.

Also as a side note, Happy Birthday Meg!

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