Thursday, August 9, 2012

Remembering Jerry Garcia

We here at RtBE have long admired Jerome John "Jerry" Garcia, and covering a Grateful Dead show per week was a staple when the blog got started.  The Dead were unlike anything else and the primary reason for that was JJ Garcia's style, playing and all around attitude.
There have been a lot of tributes to the man recently (one of which we will post below) but Garcia unlike say Hendrix, had the good luck to have the majority of his live playing career recorded by the most devoted fans on the planet.  Today I wanted to showcase one of Jerry's side projects, Reconstruction.  This fantastic show was played on July 8th 1979 in Berkley California:

We recently touched on Legion of Mary but this particular group had a cool funky feel that always struck me as a bit different the other things Garcia was up too...maybe it was the time period or the drugs or what was in the air, but just check out that jamming going on about 4 and half minutes into "Someday Baby" electric stuff.  Really a stellar group of players and a stellar show to enjoy on this day (Setlist below) and click here if you want a downloadable copy.

A unique tribute by his living Grateful Dead band mates also went down this week, and it's lineup is impressive in their range and scope.  Bob Weir put together Move Me Brightly to pay tribute to Garcia.  Embedded below is the whole show and it is a just know somewhere Jerry is smiling...and probably high...and jamming with Coltrane.

Reconstruction: 7-8-79 Keystone, Berkeley, CA
Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals
John Kahn - bass
Merl Saunders - keyboards, vocals
Ed Neumeister - trombone
Ron Stallings - tenor saxophone, vocals
Gaylord Birch - drums

1. Make It Better
2. Someday Baby
3. Soul Roach
4. What You Won't Do For Love
5. Lyinda
6. It's No Use
7. Tellin' My Friends
8. The Jealous Kind
9. That's What Love Will Make You Do
10. Fast Tone
11. Dear Prudence 

"Move Me Brightly" Celebrating Jerry Garcia's 70th Birthday
8-3-12 TRI Studios San Rafael CA


The Wheel
Cumberland Blues
Mississippi Half Step
Dire Wolf
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Tennessee Jed
Ship Of Fools
They Love Each Other
Bird Song
New Speedway Boogie
Loose Lucy
Friend of the Devil
Mission In The Rain
Ramble On Rose
Catfish John
Shakedown Street
Terrapin Station
He's Gone
Eyes Of The World
Scarlet Begonias
Don't Let Go
Days Between
Franklin's Tower
E: U.S. Blues
Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad

The Wheel & Cumberland Blues (Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Donna Jean Godchaux, Neal Casal, Jon Graboff, Jason Roberts, Joe Russo, Jeff Chimenti)
Loser (Casal, Russo, Weir, Mike Gordon, Chimenti, Godchaux, Jim Lauderdale, Roberts, Graboff, Adam McDougall)
Mississippi Half Step (Weir, Gordon, Jim Lauderdale, Godchaux, Graboff, Casal, Chimenti, Russo)
Dire Wolf (Weir, Harper Simon, Gordon, Russo, Godchaux, Graboff, Chimenti, Josh Kaufman, Sam Cohen)
Dupree's Diamond Blues (Chimenti, Casal, Russo, Gordon, Cass McCombs, Sam Cohen, Josh Kaufman)
Tennessee Jed (Chimenti, Casal, Godchaux, Russo, Gordon, Weir, Roberts, Graboff), Ship Of Fools (Chimenti, Casal, Godchaux, Russo, Gordon, Weir, Graboff)
They Love Each Other (Chimenti, Casal, Godchaux, Russo, Weir, Gordon, Jonathan Wilson, Graboff)
Bird Song (Chimenti, Casal, Godchaux, Russo, Weir, Gordon, Graboff)
New Speedway Boogie (Chimenti, McDougall, Casal, Godchaux, Russo, Weir, Gordon, Roberts, Graboff)
Loose Lucy (Weir Solo Acoustic), Friend of the Devil (Lauderdale, Simon, McCombs)
Mission In The Rain (Chimenti, Casal, Godchaux, Russo, Gordon, Wilson)
Ramble On Rose (Chimenti, Casal, Russo, Weir, Gordon, Wilson)
Catfish John (McDougall, Chimenti, Casal, Russo, Godchaux, Gordon, Weir, Wilson, Graboff)
Shakedown Street (McDougall, Chimenti, Simon, Godchaux, Chris Tomson, Godchaux, Gordon, Weir, Kaufman, Cohen)
Terrapin Station (Chimenti, Godchaux, Russo, Gordon, McCombs, Weir, Kaufman, Cohen, Graboff)
He's Gone (Chimenti, Russo, Godchaux, Weir, Gordon, Kaufman, Cohen, Graboff)
Eyes Of The World (McDougall, Chimenti, Simon, Godchaux, Russo, Weir, Gordon, Lauderdale, Kaufman, Cohen, Graboff)
Scarlet Begonias (Chimenti, Craig Finn, Tad Kubler, Russo, Godchaux, Weir, Gordon, Kaufman, Cohen, Graboff)
Don't Let Go (Chimenti, Finn, Godchaux, Graboff, Russo, Weir, Gordon, Wilson, Simon)
Days Between (Chimenti, Casal, Russo, Weir, Gordon, Kaufman, Wilson, Cohen)
Franklin's Tower (Chimenti, McDougall, Casal, Russo, Simon, Weir, Wilson, Godchaux, Gordon, Kaufman, Cohen, Graboff, Tomson, Lauderdale)
U.S. Blues (Chimenti, McDougall, Casal, Russo, Simon, Weir, Wilson, Godchaux, Gordon, Kaufman, Cohen, Graboff, Lauderdale, Finn)
Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad (Chimenti, McDougall, Casal, Russo, Simon, Weir, Wilson, Godchaux, Gordon, Kaufman, Cohen, Graboff, McCombs, Lauderdale, Finn)
Ripple (Chimenti, McDougall, Godchaux, Simon, Wilson, Tomson, Casal, Roberts, Kaufman, Weir, Gordon, Russo, Wilson, Lauderdale, Graboff)

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