Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Album Review- Saint Saviour - Union

Hey all,

Got a new review up on Glide.

Read it Right C'here!!!!

It is of Saint Saviour's debut full length release, Union

One of my favorite things about reviewing albums is going outside of my comfort zone when it comes to music and trying to approach things with a fresh mind.  I can safely say I will personally not listen to this album again, but that shouldn't effect how I review it critically, at least I don't think it should. 

If you are a fan of electro-pop, singer-songwriters, this could be for you. As I mention in the review the songs take risks at times and can come alive, I just know this style doesn't do much for me in my free time.  The 2 and half star rating is supposed to represent this: It’s pretty good.  Has some high points.  You wouldn’t listen to it everyday, but it’s alright.

There you have it, feel free to agree, disagree, whatever.  Support the artist and check out a few songs from this release here:

"I Call this Home"

"Fight" live

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