Wednesday, August 1, 2012

RIP Gore Vidal

Reactions to celebrity deaths are one of the worst parts of twitter, but this one got us:
RtBE has long admired Gore Vidal and we would like to issue a statemtent that is more then a tweet:

WE THE EDITORS of Rock The Body Electric mourn the passing of Gore Vidal - an eponymous American who, better than most, personified the words of Jeffrey Lebowski, "You're not wrong, you're just an asshole."  Few people, possessed of Gore Vidal's talents, have also taken such obvious delight in needling the world, in offending contemporaries and shattering fluffy historical myths under the weight of a mighty pen. His 1973 masterwork, Burr, remains a cherished novel in the electronic halls of RBTE - a novel we would make mandatory in American High Schools. While we didn't always agree, we always respected.  His appetite for life is to be revered, and the elegance of his pen will be missed.
Gore Vidal (1925-2012)
"Because there is no cosmic point to the life that each of us perceives on this distant bit of dust at galaxy's edge," he once wrote, "all the more reason for us to maintain in proper balance what we have here. "Because there is nothing else. No thing. This is it. And quite enough, all in all."
or in Zevon terms..."Enjoy Every Sandwich".

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