Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Trey Anastasio New Song "Scabbard"

It is rare we find two new songs from two people who we consider up there on the greatest guitarists ever list, let alone find those 2 new songs on the same day.  Earlier we shared the new Dinosaur Jr. song, now we share the new Trey Anastasio song, "Scabbard"

There has been a lot of talk regarding Trey's new album and it's "indie" tendencies.  Trey made friends with The National and used their producer Peter Katis to record this record.  I have stopped being excited for any Phish related studio release, but this pairing intrigues me.  The band members need to approach the studio in a new way, hopefully this is it.
As for the song "Scabbard" itself, The opening chaotic drum sound works nicely with layers of sound floating and humming around a simple acoustic guitar line.  Nothing happens fast (this is Trey after all) there seem to be well thought out structured parts that are freaky like the haunted house lines that begin around the 1:10 mark.  Musically there is tons going on and he doesn't even get around to singing until the 2 minute mark. 

Kind of feels like he tossing the musical sink at the listener with this one, but the layering seems like a new twist for Trey.  There is a sunshiny vibe here and enough outside influences that will reward with multiple listens...Ok I admit it I am intrigued to hear the rest of the album now.  Nice work Crimson Dago. 

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