Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Funday: Squidbillies and Whalt Whitman?!?!

A few days ago we posted a review of Trampled By Turtles newest album Stars and Satellites and when we were going to post a few video previews from the album we saw something that blew our minds:

That was amazing!!!  Readers of the site know that our love for Adult Swim runs deep and Squidbillies are easily the top 1 or 2 shows on the network (Venture Brothers are the other one in the mix). When we caught Early Cuyler mixing it up with the Duluth, MN group we were stunned. We knew the group did the theme song for the show, in fact that was RtBE's first exposure to this band:

While that is awesome, a lot of bands have done the theme song.  We had no idea the love on both sides ran so deep though, this is epic AND it includes the patron saint of RtBE with the title of Walt Whitman!!   Hell if there was a Vice-Saint for the site it would probably be Early Cuyler his damn self.

We couldn't ask for anything else on this Friday, we are going to get all shiny like on some brown party liquor, hold up a convenient store and threaten ask out Glen's wife...have a good'en ya'll.

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