Monday, August 20, 2012

Dylan Cover #54 The Sun City Diplomats "Romance In Durango"

In this ongoing Monday Series we will be exploring various artists versions of Bob Dylan song's. Today's tune is a live cover by The Sun City Diplomats playing "Romance In Durango"

Thoughts on Original:
Containing the best opening line of any Dylan song (which places it high on the best opening line of any song ever) "Romance In Durango" is a movie played out over violins, words, dead bodies, love, adventure and life.  Since we are starting Travers week, why not pull out a western tinged Dylan tune that talks about a horse taking him to Durango?  A fantastic burst of creative songwriting and exhilarating playing it is a timelessly fantastic tune.    

Thoughts On Cover Artist:
Over the last few weeks we had taken on some high level artists, but this series also combs through youtube finding unknown's to put in the spot light.  So today we take a look at the The Sun City Diplomats.  The band seem to be a folksie group from NYC who put out an album back in 2008 that you can check out here.  They seem to have evolved or at least moved west and become a new group LA Gypsy
Thoughts On Cover:
A fairly sparse and straight ahead cover of a complex tune that really doesn't lend itself to easy stroll through chords and measures.  This version toes the line between the recorded version of the tune and the fantastic live interpretation Dylan performed on the Rolling Thunder Tour.   The singing is strong and confident while the stopping and starting music adds some drama.  A good if not earth shattering cover of a really really fun tune.
Grade: C+

Wilson's Take:
Janasie's Take:

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