Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jane's Addiction Live 8/17/12 Review

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It is of Jane's Addiction recent live show at the Brooklyn Waterfront.

The venue has changed this year from one that was wide open and allowed you to turn around and see the Manhattan skyline to a new location a few blocks down that is penned in by factories and warehouses close to the Brooklyn Bowl.  The new locations has some benefits, no beer garden limitations, better overall sound, but some of the visuals are a bit lacking.     

The show was only half full at best, but the band put on a great show.  Their rhythm based rock and roll is infectious and powerful, it was a good reminder of just how great a band they can be and how important their early albums are.  I have not check out any of the albums they have released since getting back together, but may do so now. 

Here are a few videos from the night. 
"Up The Beach">"Whores"

"3 Days"

"Ocean Size"

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