Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Dinosaur Jr. Song "Watch The Corners" Official Video

With great excitement and furious shredding we bring you one of RtBE's favorite's Dinosaur Jr's new song "Watch The Corners".  Here is the Official New Video:
This is a really cool and well done video, I am surprised Funny or Die is hosting it as I think it isn't silly or anything.  It is surprisingly touching, and that seems to be the route Dino has taken in recent years; whiner slackers have turned it yearners if that makes sense.
While we are huge Adult Swim fans, the one set of shows we never got into are Tom Goes To The Mayor or Tim Eric Awesome Show in fact I kinda hate them.  Tim Heidecker doesn't really do anything out of sorts here just plays an angry, caring dad...I dig it.  No cheesy close ups or idiotic ramblings and the restraint works perfectly and feeds to the story.

I am actually doing a full blog post for NYPL on Dinosaur Jr in the near future so I am not going to go too much into this other then say I obviously love it.  Hope you do too. 

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