Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Full Johnny Cash Concert!!

Every month we will search the murky back waters of youtube to find full concerts posted to the channel.  They may not be here for long so enjoy them while you can...As always, please support the artist every way you can but especially by seeing them live...This month...Johnny Cash!!!!

We all know the famous Folsom Prison and San Quentin shows but in 1976 Johnny Cash tried his hand again with the prison crowd playing a show with various friends to Nashville Tennessee State Penitentiary Inmates in a show called A Concert Behind Prison Walls, and that is the treat here today for you!

While this isn't the greatest capture of Cash's talent (and focuses a bit too much on his guests) it is still an engaging listen and I am willing to bet many Cash fans have not heard it so give it a listen.

Highlights are a perfect version of "Jacob Green" and hearing Linda Ronstadt singing "Silver Thread & Golden Needles" is pretty cool too, not so much her other stuff though and I would skip the drunk comic bits along with "That Honeymoon Feeling"...

1. Folsom Prison Blues (J.Cash)
2. Sunday Morning Coming Down (J.Cash)
3. Jacob Green (J.Cash)
4. Desperado (L.Ronstadt)
5. You´re No Good (L.Ronstadt)
6. Rolling In My Sweet Baby´s Arms (R.Clark)
7. That Honeymoon Feeling (R.Clark)
8. Shuckin´ The Corn (R.Clark)
9. Half As Much (F.Brooks)
10. Love Has No Pride (L.Ronstadt)
11. Silver Threds & Golden Needles (L.Ronstadt)
12. Hey Porter (J.Cash)
13. Orange Blossom Special (J.Cash)
14. Boy Named Sue (J.Cash)

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