Thursday, February 6, 2014

Album Review: Sleepy Sun -Maui Tears

Sleepy Sun
Maui Tears
**and1/2out of *****
The psychedelic rock that the San Fransisco based 5 piece Sleepy Sun delivers floats and warbles in various direction like a leaking lava lamp. The bands 4th disk Maui Tears  touches on genre staples but doesn't seem in a hurry to go anywhere or do much of any thing.

Opening with a jangling western vibe "The Lane" is spacious with reverb all around while an acoustic guitar strums in the foreground of "Words". Vocally Bret Constantino reminds of a restrained Perry Farrell, with lots of vocal effects warping the sound. Lyrics and words are hard to decipher acting more as sonic accoutrement then verses and choruses.

Some disk highlights are the dreamlike Pink Floyd-light "Outside" and the shaking/rattling "Galaxy Punk" that pushes the tempo, adding a sense of purpose to the proceedings in a positive way causing it to standout amongst the tracks. Another semi highlight is "Everywhere Waltz" that pairs screeching guitars with a sludge thunder bass, but then confusingly ends with some ill timed and oddly attempted vocal harmony that is simply out of place with everything else here.

"Slowdown" is perfectly titled as the track puts the already slow disk into neutral while "1132" toys with a tempo change but stays languid. The title track closes things starting sparse with a prominent bass-line. At the 7 minute mark amps threatens to soar, but things quickly fade back into dreamland as the disk ends.   

A lighter version of The Black Angels, Sleepy Sun has a perfect moniker and while not space travel inducing, Maui Tears will scratch that itch of mid (to slow) tempo psych-rock, floating along on fuzz-tone and dreams. 
Kinda wanted to dig this psych-rock more, but Maui Tears does what's advertised,

Support the band here, buy the album here and peep some video below:

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