Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Album Review: The Soft White Sixties- Get Right

The Soft White Sixties
Get Right
*** out of *****

On the disk opening "City Lights" lead singer Octavio Genera sings "Hey, I'm just having a good time!" and that is a good summation of The Soft White Sixties first full length release Get Right; upbeat rock and roll.

Besides the party lyrics and grooving feel, "City Lights" finds fuzz guitars mixing with electro pulses and hip shaking tambourines. The other standout track is the bombarding "Don't Lie To Me" which swirls jet engine rumbles, climbing progressions, electric riffs and slamming drums. The track is reminiscent of a mid-90's U2 sound and the only downside is its brevity; a real winner.    

The disks pacing suffers by placing 2 mid-tempo singalongs, "Rubber Band" and "Treat Me" with a ballad, "Rollaway", together in the middle of the disk. The tracks themselves are fine but Get Right's flow halts. The band is at its best when they are going all out, songs like "Ain't Your Mother" get bogged down by middle of the road lyrics and no sense of urgency.

On a more positive note "Up To The Light" pushes the sexiness quotation dramatically in the vein of Arctic Monkey's newest release A.M. "Lemon Squeezer" accelerates the pace with a fantastic piano and drum build and disk closer "Tilt A Whirl" injects some modern R&B into things ending a solid album from the 4 piece from San Fransisco, excellently produced, confident and enjoyable..     
A really polished release from this SF Band. Good rock and roll.

Support the group here, buy the album here and peep some video below:

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