Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Some New Hold Steady Tunes

We are eagerly awaiting Teeth Dreams, The Hold Steady's new album due out in March.
We already pre-ordered the vinyl, and caught a hell of a show where a few new tunes were aired. While looking on youtube we came across a cool Radio Interview/Performance by 3 members of the band Craig, Tad and Steve. They chat about the new disk, playing three tunes off of it acoustically for a small studio audience. Give it a listen below.
The interview goes into reasoning behind the albums title and we gotta say we love the new songs in this style.

Looks like some people were thinking alike: "Almost Everything" hmm Craig and I on the same level, maybe he checked out "Except Everything" from The A&V EP. I can dream. You can also give this a read from Pitchfork as they were at the 2/6 show too, just with a bit better access.  

More info about the performance:
00:35 Spinners (from Teeth Dreams)
09:35 The Sweet Part of the City (from Heaven is Whenever)
14:09 The Only Thing (from Teeth Dreams)
27:02 Almost Everything (from Teeth Dreams)

Craig, Tad and Steve from The Hold Steady get interviewed about their upcoming album, Teeth Dreams, and play an acoustic set of three songs on WYEP 91.3 FM.

Also the band just released their next single "Spinners" from the album so if you want to hear it with the full band check this out:

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