Thursday, July 10, 2014

Album Review: Beach Slang- Beach Slang

Beach Slang
Beach Slang
***and1/2 out of *****
A collection of 4 late 90's pop fueled rock and roll songs find Beach Slang's first self titled EP a collection of days/genre's gone by; a refreshing kick in the ear amongst new-wave nonsense. "Filthy Luck" starts things off with buzz-bin worthy riffs, and chant along lyrics in the vein of Japandroids. The Philadelphia trio keep it rolling with "Kids" via a drum intro that injects the energy.

"Get Lost" pulls back the over driven sick strings a touch to get the groove going before kicking up and sounding much bigger then the songs 2:58 would seem. "Punk or Lust" asks the perfect teenage question and James Snyder's lyrics are constant selling point on the EP as they are delivered by a voice that seems to be wise enough to know about all the "dirty fun" he sings about.   

Custom made for summer road-trips Beach Slang remind us that "the kids are still alright/their just too high to fight". This album helps elevate them with its soaring melodies, great raspy vocals/lyrics and upbeat rhythms.
Another great bandcamp find.

Support the band here, stream the album here, peep some video below:

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